DivFix++ is FREE AVI Video Fix & Preview program.      

    GUI window has Drag'n'Drop support. You can drag and drop your AVI files to "Source/Input File List window" program instead of "Add File(s)" button...
    After file addition to the Source File List window, you needed to add your output path. for this files. After all press Rebuild Index and fix your avi. That's all.

Strip Index button is removes "index" part from file(s). Than file became "unsearchable" by most of avi players.

Check Errors button is scan files for any error and report it from log window.

CLI mode means starting DivFix++ with arguments. You can directly preview your file with "DivFix++ <filename.avi>" basically.

Arguments list are here or by "DivFix++ --help" command.

-i, --input=<str> input file
-o, --output=<str> output file or directory
-p, --preview delete output file after player is closed
-f, --fix_index_only doesn't cuts out bad parts of file
-w, --overwrite overwrite original file
-a, --all_frames doesn't skip unwanted frames
-s, --skip_fix skips fix process if index is available
-m, --media_player=<str> path of player
-h, --help shows help

Notice for eMuLe/aMuLe users: Select DivFix++ executable file as your "preview application" from eMule.

You can only select file for preview but I make some special tokens for acceleration.
I am using CLI mode with this command line with my aMuLe ( don't confuse with eMuLe ) client. My configuration line is
/home/death/bin/DivFix++ -p -m gnome-mplayer -o /mnt/ramdisk/ -i

Let's parse this command.

/home/death/bin/DivFix++ this executes program.
"-p" this for delete created file after closing player.
"-m gnome-mplayer" this executes gnome-mplayer player after fix
"-o /mnt/ramdisk/ "  this redirect output to RAM. I use this because reading and writing on same drive reduces speed.
"-i" this is a input argument but you will notice there is no input over here. Why? Because aMuLe initiates command like "your command string" "file name". Than actual command at run time becomes:
"-i /mnt/Temp/emule-temp/001.part"